The WatIAM application allows other applications to access WatIAM information within the same database as the rest of the application data. This document provides a high-level overview of the capabilities of the application. More detailed documentation is also available:


Statistics of this nature have the potential to be misleading, but they may provide some sense of the overall magnitude of the application.

  • Python code (automatic processes): 45 lines
  • SQL code (schema definition and stored procedures): 570 lines

This application depends on the Data application.

WatIAM Data

As far as other applications and developers are concerned, the WatIAM application is simply a few tables and views that are available for querying. They will be available only to applications that actually need them, and a Privacy & Security Impact Assessment will likely need to be done for new applications or major changes to existing applications.

The WatIAM data are currently updated every four hours via an extract provided by WatIAM and picked up using secure file transfer.

In addition to updating the WatIAM tables, the data load process also runs some checks on the WatIAM data for uniqueness and other violations and automatically informs WatIAM personnel.